Body Butter - African Shea Butter

Body Butter from African Shea Butter

Body Butter Body butters are often used to reduce stretch marks and scars. The components of a natural body...
Top Medicinal Flowers & Plants in the UK - Herbal remedies in the UK 1

Top Medicinal Flowers & Plants in the UK

Top medicinal flowers and plants in UK The top medicinal flowers and plants are ones you have probably heard...
Essential Oils for Fleas in Dogs and Cats can repel fleas

Essential Oils for Fleas in Dogs and Cats

Essential oils are concentrated liquids that consist of certain constituents that are volatile and derived from plants. Essential oils are known to...
Best Herbs to Grow in Your Kitchen Garden -The best herbs in your kitchen

Best Herbs to Grow in Your Kitchen Garden

Herbs for your kitchen garden Some of the best herbs that you should grow in your kitchen garden...
Trichup Oil

Trichup Oil – Hair Care with all the best herbs

Trichup oil is enriched with natural goodness of Bhringral, Amlaki, Neem, Gunja and other exotic herbs, is formulated with til and coconut oil. It...
Lavender extract - Essential oils for hair

Best Lavender Essential Oil: Hair Essentials

Hair Essentials: Best essential oil for hair growth Essential oils are increasingly popular home remedies. Among them, lavender has become a widespread...
Antiviral Herbs

What are Antiviral Herbs?

How Do Antiviral Herbs Work? So, what are antiviral herbs? Once we hear the term antiviral, it is...
Hibiscus uses for hair

Hibiscus uses: The Anti-Ageing Plant

There are over 200 species of hibiscus that can be found in the warm and tropical regions all over the world. The...

Healing Herbs

Healing herbs and spiritual healing as herbal remedies prepared directly from plants are relied on by over 80% of the world's population...
Holistic Being & Natural Health

Natural Health | Holistic Wellness

Natural Health Natural health care is such a generic term. The term natural implies that it is not man-made....

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