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Sage is a staple herb in various cuisines around the world. Sage is an herb native to the Mediterranean. It belongs to the same family as oregano, lavender, rosemary, thyme, and basil.

Sage is also used as a natural cleaning agent, pesticide and ritual object in spiritual sage burning or smudging.

Herbs and spices can have extremely high antioxidant capacities and pack extra flavor into a meal. This means that people can use herbs to cut back on sodium intake, as less salt is used to flavor a meal.

This green herb is available fresh, dried or in oil form — and has numerous health benefits.

Sage | It's All Herb
Sage. To see more Leaves images click on the link below:
  • High in Several Nutrients. Sage packs a healthy dose of vitamins and minerals. …
  • Alzheimer’s treatment – A recent review of studies showed that species of sage could positively impact cognitive skills and protect against neurological disorders.
  • Loaded With Antioxidants. …
  • May Support Oral Health. …
  • May Ease Menopause Symptoms. …
  • May Reduce Blood Sugar Levels – One study saw 40 people with diabetes and high cholesterol take sage leaf extract for 3 months.
  • May Support Memory and Brain Health. …
  • May Lower ‘Bad’ LDL Cholesterol. …
  • May Protect Against Certain Cancers.
  • Controlling inflammation

Side Effects

Sage is considered safe with no reported side effects. Natural sage is safe for most people and causes little to no known side effects. The effectiveness and side effects from sage supplements will vary by brand and production process. Sage essential oil should not be consumed. It is possible to be allergic to sage.